WaterSafe Test Kits

WaterSafe : Chlorine & Hardness Test Kit

Hardness & Chlorine Test Kit

Drinking Water Test for Chlorine, Hardness and pH. Find out if your water has harmful levels of chlorine or hardness! This water test will let you test your water once for chlorine and once for hardness.

Studies have found, that regularly drinking tap water with high levels of chlorine byproducts increases the risk of some forms of cancer. Water hardness can cause lime scale and higher detergent use.

Calcium and magnesium, the chemicals that cause water hardness, are not easily detected, but may cause numerous negative effects. In fact, calcium and magnesium buildup may eventually damage plumbing and water heaters.

EPA maximum contaminant levels or guildline standards:

LeadBelow 15 ppb
PesticidesBelow 3ppb (atrazine), Below 4ppb (simazine)
NitriteBelow 1.0 ppm
Total Nitrate/NitriteBelow 10.0 ppm
pH6.5 to 8.5
Total ChlorineBelow 4 ppm
Total Hardness50 ppm or less
Copper1.3 ppm
Iron0.3 ppm